Creating an annual website design and maintenance plan for clients who use a WordPress Divi theme is an essential service that we can provide in order to help them keep your websites running smoothly, securely, and up-to-date. Here is our comprehensive plan that includes monthly updates and changes:

  1. Initial Assessment and Client Meeting (Month 1):
    • Schedule a meeting with the client to understand their specific needs and goals for the website.
    • Perform a thorough website audit to identify potential issues and areas for improvement.
    • Discuss the maintenance plan with the client, outlining the services and frequency of updates.
  2. Monthly Updates and Changes (Months 2 to 12):
    • Security Updates (Every month):
      • Update WordPress core software to the latest version.
      • Update the Divi theme to the latest version.
      • Update all installed plugins to their latest versions.
      • Remove any unused or unnecessary plugins and themes to reduce security risks.
    • Content Changes and Updates (Every month):
      • Add and update new content, such as blog posts, news articles, product information, etc., based on the client’s input.
      • Update any outdated information on existing pages.
      • Verify and fix broken links as necessary.
    • Design and Layout Changes (Every month):
      • Implement minor design changes as requested by the client, such as updating images, colors, or fonts.
      • Adjust layout elements to improve user experience and aesthetics.
    • Performance Optimization (Every month):
      • Optimize images to reduce page load times.
      • Minify and concatenate CSS and JavaScript files to improve website speed.
      • Cache the website to decrease server response time.
      • Monitor website performance using tools like Google PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix.
    • SEO Improvements (Every month):
      • Analyze website traffic using tools like Google Analytics to identify popular content and user behavior.
      • Optimize meta titles, descriptions, and headings for improved SEO.
      • Build internal and external links to boost search engine rankings.
      • Perform keyword research to identify potential content opportunities.
  3. Quarterly Theme and Plugin Review (Months 4, 8, and 12):
    • Review the website’s design and layout to ensure it aligns with the client’s brand and preferences.
    • Update or replace outdated plugins with more efficient alternatives.
    • Assess the website’s performance and make necessary adjustments to improve load times.
  4. Security and Backup Check (Every month):
    • Monitor the website for any security vulnerabilities and malware threats.
    • Regularly scan for malware and remove any malicious code.
    • Back up the website monthly and store backups on a secure off-site location.
  5. User Experience (Every month):
    • Gather user feedback and analyze user behavior through heatmaps and other tools.
    • Implement improvements based on user feedback to enhance the overall user experience.
  6. Accessibility Audit (Months 6 and 12):
    • Conduct an accessibility audit to ensure the website complies with accessibility standards.
    • Make necessary changes to improve website accessibility for all users, including those with disabilities.
  7. Performance Review and Client Report (Month 12):
    • Prepare a comprehensive report summarizing the maintenance activities performed throughout the year.
    • Schedule a final meeting with the client to discuss the website’s progress and future maintenance needs.

This maintenance plan can serve as a solid foundation for providing top-notch website support and maintenance services to our clients using the WordPress Divi theme. We will establish regular communication with our clients and gather feedback to help ensure that their websites meet their evolving needs and objectives.

Try our plan for 30 days, if you are not satisfied, we will happily cancel your plan and refund your cost.

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