Hosea 14:2-4

Take words with you
    and return to the Lord.
Say to him:
    “Forgive all our sins
and receive us graciously,
    that we may offer the fruit of our lips.[a]
Assyria cannot save us;
    we will not mount warhorses.
We will never again say ‘Our gods’
    to what our own hands have made,
    for in you the fatherless find compassion.”

“I will heal their waywardness
    and love them freely,
    for my anger has turned away from them.

Thank You, merciful Father, for hearing us when we call. You receive us and restore us when we come to you in repentance. You freely give Your love to us, pouring it out on us without measure and without price. All of us may come, rich and poor alike, for all that You require of us are words – something every one of us can afford – heartfelt words of confession and repentance. You ask for words because You are a God Who hears. So receive my prayer, Lord. Hear me when I call out to You. I forsake all others, and I look to You alone for salvation. Cleanse my heart, Lord, and let the fruit of my lips bring You honor and not disgrace.